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Railroad spur

2 km railroad track with connection available in some lots. 600m long uploading track (600m long receiving track in the future).


Voice and Data. Service provided by  Telefonos de México.


24-hour CCTV and surveillance post. Automatic access gate and security control inspection.  Hydrantes on main avenue.

Green Areas

Propark has areas provided with gardens and trees, not only as an aesthetic element, but also as a source of relaxation and recreation for workers, as well as to provide oxygen to the atmosphere. 

Wide Roads

Propark has wide avenues designed to ease light and heavy freight transportation flow within the park, it has heavy-duty pavement to whitstand double-trailer trucks resulting in high efficiency for all enterprises established.

Public lighting

The park provides public lighting ensuring all enterprises established smooth work and transit without any problem day or night as required.

We care for the environment

Care for the environment at Propark is a priority, thus it does not have polluting industries. Every enterprise established in the park adheres to municipal, state and federal environmental regulations, safeguardig the environment from any kind of pollution.